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Project Description

CLR is great stuff, but import CLR into the Database need a lot of time. For any changes you have to make a note and update it later. Imagine that there is not such maintenance are needed anymore. Just execute one procedure and all your New/Old CLR is in the system fully functional.

There is no licenses. So use it as you wished. But if you have a great ideas how to improve this project, please share it.

  • No Visual Studios required (for CLR deployment).
  • Can be targeted on multiple .Net Versions.
  • Deploy on the fly. No additional maintenance needed. Adding/Removing files from Explorer (require to rebuild all CLR from Database)

Support .NET Versions
  • .NET 3.5 for MS SQL 2008 (R2)
  • .NET 4.5 for MS SQL 2012

Supported Microsoft.SqlServer.Server Attributes
  • SqlFunction
  • SqlProcedure
  • SqlUserDefinedAggregate
  • SqlUserDefinedType
  • SqlTrigger (not tested)

Containing following implementation
  1. Procedures
    1. ext_misc_big_print, Printing NVARCHAR(MAX).
    2. ext_misc_cmd, exeucte CMD and return the result in output.
  2. TabledValue functions
    1. ext_enumerate_dir, show all files/directories of given path with columns (Name, FullName, Size, IsDirecotry, createtime, last access time, last write time [and it UTC too]).
  3. Scalar functions
    1. ext_net_web_request, send http request, with or without response.
  4. Aggregate functions
    1. ext_concat, aggregate function to concatenate any data into a String with custom separater (update: Add format and Culture for formatting).
  5. User defined types (use 'HowTo' function to retrieve description for the Type)
    1. Point, Test only, contain X,Y placeholder
    2. SftpSshNet, can download/upload/delete remote files/directories.
    3. FileInfo, can Copy/Move/Delete files. Additionally can show the most System.IO.FileInfo Properties. Can Append/Prepend/Create(with bytes)/CreateText(String)
    4. ZipFile, can compress, extract (zipped) file(s) (deflate, bzip2) with settings.
  6. Trigger (no example)
    1. ext_misc_test_trigger, currently the trigger itself is disabled. You can see example in EasyCLRMisc.Procedures.ClrTriggerTest()
Admin access to the database. You cannot enable CLR without Database Administration rights.

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